Luxury Alcohol Addiction & Dependence Rehab

Confidential treatment for alcohol addiction and dependence

Dependence of any kind is as much a spiritual malaise as it is physical. At the Istana Luxury Alcohol Addiction Rehab our approach to alcohol addiction is completely personalised. 

We know that an effective and successful alcohol treatment program requires a deep understanding of the individual and their unique circumstances and issues. This is particularly true in the case of HNWIs, high profile and high performance individuals.

We are unbound by the dogma of the dated and coarse methods utilised by normal alcohol rehabs. We employ the latest and most progressive thinking from all areas of medicine, psychiatry, psychology and holistic mind/body/soul practices.

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Bespoke one-to-one treatment for alcohol addiction

We are not a normal alcohol rehab, we see you as a whole person and treat you as the unique individual you are. Our holistic treatment method will give you an experientially derived understanding of how to live a happy and fulfilling life without the misuse of alcohol and its devastating effects.

We also that know you are more than your alcohol addiction –  Istana is your opportunity to immeasurably improve your life beyond just dealing with alcohol and/or alcohol addiction. 

At Istana Luxury Alcohol Rehab we won’t ask you to fit into a predetermined program, attend group therapy or share facilities with a group of strangers. 

As with all our client programs, your treatment for alcohol addiction will be bespoke, uniquely designed to specifically meet your individual needs and to achieve your personal goals for recovery.

You will be housed in your own private 5-star villa set in large grounds complete with pool, discreet domestic staff and personal chef and you will have the undivided attention of a curated team of alcohol addiction specialists. 

If you want to improve your life and remove alcohol addiction as a driving force and please contact us. We will help you achieve fundamental positive change that can last you a lifetime

What to expect during your stay at Istana Luxury Alcohol Rehab

  • With your permission we can liaise with any of your current practitioners to ensure seamless care in our hands and a smooth after-care handover for your return
  • While with us you will feel safe, understood and expertly cared for at all times
  • You will feel daily momentum and progress in understanding and resolving the issues underlying your alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction
  • Within a few weeks, you will look at this current state of discordance and dependence dispassionately with new clarity and a feeling of understanding and confidence in your future
  • Your fitness levels will increase and you will experience a renewed appreciation of your physicality and pride in your appearance
  • And you will leave us thinking clearly and moving lightly, free from the reliance on alcohol that brought you to us. And, we promise, you will have had some fun along the way.

 To begin

  • A senior member of our team will meet you inside the airport, fast-track you through immigration/customs and take you to your villa
  • Time to decompress – acclimatisation to your surroundings and introduction to the program
  • Abrupt cessation from alcohol addiction can induce uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Your doctor will be at the villa on your arrival for observations, immediate treatment, medication and ongoing medical care, including 24 hour nursing as required
  • Introduction to our Director of Client Services, who will be your day-to-day point of contact and in charge of all aspects of co-ordinating your team and your program
  • Medical screens and nutrient deficiency tests will be done after you have settled in


  • Psychotherapy sessions take place in your villa and are informally set
  • Clients normally have 3-4 psychology sessions per week. More if necessary.
  • During these sessions you will be able to safely explore and resolve all the underlying issues behind your discontent and alcohol addiction
  • You will also be able to recognise, examine and discard any other unhealthy coping mechanisms you may be using to get through the day 
  • Together you and your psychologist will set new life goals. To bring these goals to reality you will learn how to heal yourself by integrating healthy living and mindfulness practices into your new life
  • Additionally you will become fully armed with real-life coping skills to manage triggers as they arise in your daily personal and professional life and thus prevent relapse
  • Ultimately you will arrive at a place of resolution so the current state you seek reprieve from and its subsequent behaviours are no longer a part of your life. 

Your environment, therapeutic team and support staff

  • Client confidentiality and a relaxed atmosphere are paramount. Our cars are discreet, client villas are unbranded and our team don’t wear uniforms 
  • We hope that you laugh every day and enjoy the company of those around you as much as you respect their professionalism. To this end your team are hand picked for both a cultural and therapeutic fit 
  • They will all be compassionate, empathetic and specialists in resolving the issues around drug and alcohol dependence as experienced by HNWIs, high level professionals and high performance individuals 

Your program

  • We go at your speed and the scheduling is collaborative, we welcome your suggestions in planning each week’s schedule
  • Alcohol and drug addiction (or dependence) in any form is a malaise of the mind, body and spirit so your program will be holistic to heal these three essential parts of you
  • Days normally start and end with walks on the beach and, if you want, ocean swims, a horse ride, a surf or a game of tennis
  • Your program will match your interests and will consist of a mutually agreed selection of complementary modalities. We have a huge range to select from with world class instructors of yoga, meditation, personal training, martial arts, art therapy to name just a few
  • And we want to help you reignite old passions and discover new interests. You are welcome to try out any therapeutically beneficial recreational pursuits you are interested in such as music, cultural experiences, spiritual exploration, writing, photography, diving, snorkelling, surfing, jungle walks or climbing volcanos to name just a few 
  • We provide other many other bodywork therapies such as acupuncture, shiatsu and various forms of physiotherapy. These can all speed the detoxification process and provide ongoing physical and mental wellbeing
  • Relaxation is a part of every day and naturally massages feature prominently. We also introduce you other relaxation and sleep techniques such as guided Yoga Nidra sessions.

It is our hope that you take these practices and activities and make them part of your life. Prior to your departure we will introduce you to the best and most suited practitioners in your home area.

The application of a holistic one-to-one program by a high calibre integrated multi-disciplinary team in a private alcohol rehab is without parallel in delivering a comprehensive mental, physical and emotional reset. 

You will be amazed at how quickly you start to feel physically and mentally strong and look at your future with a steady gaze and inherent confidence. Contact us to change your life today.

Accommodation, down time and business/family obligations

  • You will be housed in your own secluded and private villa. Our villas are all fully staffed (including security) and all have private pools and gardens
  • You will have time to yourself to watch TV, read a book or just enjoy the beauty of your surroundings
  • Our clients come to us with real world responsibilities that can’t just be ignored. We provide as much time as you need to catch up with work and family but recommend that you digitally disconnect as much as possible
  • Your support workers are also experienced in acting as proxy PAs. They can discreetly liaise with whoever you nominate in your office to ensure essential business obligations are met 
  • Your villa is your sanctuary and we would like you to consider it as your home. Please let us know if you have any requirements or preferences. 
  • There will always be a member of your Istana team discreetly on hand. Our support staff know when a client would like company or needs space, so while you will never feel alone you will also never feel crowded by our staff. 


  • Your menu is personalised to your preferences and your therapeutic needs. Unless you are eating out, all meals are freshly prepared in the villa by your chef 
  • You are always welcome to go out if you feel like sampling any of the excellent international or local restaurants. Just let your support staff know, they will take care of everything. 

If this all sounds good please contact us or you can schedule a confidential discussion with one of our team.

Further Information on Alcohol Addiction and Alcohol Rehabs

A problem with alcohol can take many shapes and vary wildly in appearance and severity. However, it is generally perceived as progressive and eventual alcohol dependence is characterised by a strong need to drink despite the undeniable problems associated with continued use.

Alcohol addiction is overshadowed by drug dependence and its harmful effects are underrated. It is physically destructive and takes an enormous toll on those close to a problem drinker.

Fortunately, over the last fifteen years much research has been conducted, and alcohol and drug addiction are now seen as a condition of the mind, body and soul, often caused by complex underlying reasons. This progress means that, thankfully, new solutions for successful treatment of alcohol addiction have opened up.

The latest research shows that there is a spectrum of alcohol addiction ranging from  mild dependence to binge drinking to complete chemical dependence. An effective alcohol treatment program requires a deep understanding of the individual and their unique issues for successful treatment.

 Alcohol addiction is a condition involving memory, motivation and brain reward and it is “caused by a combination of behavioural, environmental, and biological factors”. Your particular alcohol addiction really is unique to you, and a truly personalised alcohol treatment program is critical for a successful and sustainable outcome. 

More information on Alcohol Dependence and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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I arrived at Istana Barbados in a terrible condition, alcohol had brought me to my knees, I was on the brink of blowing my professional reputation and losing my family. The medical team nursed me through a long detox and the rest of the team put me on the path to recovery. Two of the team flew back to New York with me and stayed for 2 months to help me adjust to this new life. From beginning to end a life changing experience from the best team of people. Just fantastic. Thank you.
Julie, NY
Istana Jiwa is a place for profound and permanent transformation. I found the team to be working at the highest level in their fields. Many have also been on the dark side of addiction and come out the other side; they, if anyone, know the pathway to release. And that’s this brilliantly conceived, bespoke rehab concept which accommodates you in a 5 star private villa with every whim catered for, then drills down with proper therapy for lasting change. Coming through addiction is brutal but here there is shelter from the storm - a beautiful place to rest and get the space to heal, with 24/7 care and love. It’s expensive but what price sanity?
Patricia C, Hong Kong
I started with Istana Jiwa in pretty ordinary shape; marriage had collapsed and I was self medicating with anything I could find to suppress the deep sense of despair and depression. The program transformed me – physically and emotionally. I spent 60 days in the program working on finding myself and I left feeling genuine hope and a real fortitude to tackle life again.
L, Melbourne
I went to Istana Jiwa to reset my mind and change the way I was living. Stress had got the better of me, I was partying too hard and I was close to blowing up my career and losing my family. Amazingly I found some like minded souls in the Istana Jiwa team, people who had lived my life in the corporate arena, who understood me and helped me recalibrate my life. I now feel better than ever before, and I even gave up smoking there!
Simon, Hong Kong
For my sins I have been to a few treatment centres around the world, nothing comes close to Istana Jiwa. I went deeper and achieved more in therapy than I have ever gone before, I made peace with meditation and yoga - both things I have resisted in the past and both I now practise in daily life. I feel transformed, thank you.
David, London
I travelled from Los Angeles to Istana Jiwa on the recommendation of a friend and in my mind, it was a leap into the unknown. I was completely unprepared for how cosmopolitan, competent, professional and caring the staff were. From the moment I was met at the airport to the moment I left I felt cared for and understood. This was an utterly life-changing experience, I never thought I would say I loved going to rehabilitation but I actually did.
Maggie, LA