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Treatment for Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction, whether problem or pathological, may affect anywhere from 2 to 4 percent of the population.

Istana Jiwa’s specialist addiction team provides comprehensive and effective treatment of the underlying causes of a persons addiction to gamble and a blueprint for managing and future-proofing life against relapse.

If you, or someone you know, has a problem with gambling please contact us. We can help.

Further information on gambling addiction

Compulsive gamblers keep betting whether they’re up or down, broke or flush, happy or depressed.

Even when they know the odds are against them, even when they can’t afford to lose, people with an addiction can’t abstain from playing.

Persistent and recurrent maladaptive gambling behaviour is indicated by the following:

  • Preoccupation: The person is preoccupied with the need to gamble and has frequent thoughts about gambling experiences, handicapping or planning the next venture, or thinking of ways to get money with which to gamble, etc.
  • Tolerance: Similar to drug tolerance, the person needs to gamble with increasing amounts of money in order to achieve the desired excitement or “rush”
  • Loss of Control: The person has made repeated unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back, or stop gambling
  • Withdrawal: The person is restless or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop gambling
  • Escape: The person gambles as a way of escaping from problems or to relieve a dysphoric mood (e.g., feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, depression)
  • Chasing: After losing money betting, the person often returns another day to get even (“chasing” one’s losses)
  • Lying: Lies to family members, therapist, or others to conceal the extent of involvement with gambling
  • Illegal Activity: The person has committed illegal acts such as forgery, fraud, theft, or embezzlement to finance their habit
  • Risked Relationships: The person has jeopardised or lost a significant relationship, job, or educational or career opportunity because of their addiction
  • Bailout: Relies on others, such as friends or family, to provide money to relieve a desperate financial situation caused by their addiction to gamble

Pathological addictions to gamble can be treated, if you or someone you know has a problem please contact us here. We can help.

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I travelled from Los Angeles to Istana Jiwa on the recommendation of a friend and in my mind, it was a leap into the unknown. I was completely unprepared for how cosmopolitan, competent, professional and caring the staff were. From the moment I was met at the airport to the moment I left I felt cared for and understood. This was an utterly life-changing experience, I never thought I would say I loved going to rehabilitation but I actually did.

Maggie, LA

For my sins I have been to a few treatment centres around the world, nothing comes close to Istana Jiwa. I went deeper and achieved more in therapy than I have ever gone before, I made peace with meditation and yoga - both things I have resisted in the past and both I now practise in daily life. I feel transformed, thank you.

David, London

I went to Istana Jiwa to reset my mind and change the way I was living. Stress had got the better of me, I was partying too hard and I was close to blowing up my career and losing my family. Amazingly I found some like minded souls in the Istana Jiwa team, people who had lived my life in the corporate arena, who understood me and helped me recalibrate my life. I now feel better than ever before, and I even gave up smoking there!

Simon, HK

I started with Istana Jiwa in pretty ordinary shape; marriage had collapsed and I was self medicating with anything I could find to suppress the deep sense of despair and depression. The program transformed me – physically and emotionally. I spent 60 days in the program working on finding myself and I left feeling genuine hope and a real fortitude to tackle life again.

L, Melbourne