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Numbing out to Cope ?

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. ~ Thomas Merton

I went to Istana Jiwa to reset my mind and change the way I was living. Stress had got the better of me, I was partying too hard and I was close to blowing up my career and losing my family. Amazingly I found some like minded souls in the Istana Jiwa team, people who had lived my life in the corporate arena, who understood me and helped me recalibrate my life. I now feel better than ever before, and I even gave up smoking there!
Simon, HK

Are you missing out on your best life because of:

At Istana Jiwa VIP Luxury Rehabilitation service, we are blessed to have a chance to talk to so many executives and industry leaders and find a common thread that runs through our visitors personal stories.

The need to recalibrate and work out what personal power really means in their lives.

If you find yourself achieving your goals and yet still feeling unsatisfied or numb. The hungry ghosts might be calling you to continue to strive, to find that sense of satisfaction that has often been lacking no matter how many targets you hit. The endless cycle of achievement which leads to less and less enjoyment.

Whether it’s Executive Burnout that has brought you to this page today. Or you are trying to figure out if your drug or alcohol use has become unmanageable, or someone you love or respect has been telling you that you might need help.

It just might be the time for you to recalibrate. Find your personal power. Your authentic self-expression.

We are often asked ‘How does visiting a Luxury Private Rehabilitation Service facilitate change? Can your team deliver results? Don’t people have to suffer in order to get #sober?

There is a myth of suffering that surrounds Rehabilitation and Sober Living. Our experience is that radical transformation takes place in a space far from your regular habits, away from your home environment, removed from your usual routine. Taking a time out in your busy life can help you not only gain a perspective that truly gives you a new lease on life, but also brings you back into your personal power.

Finding yourself here now means that you or someone you know probably needs some professional help. Finding your authentic purpose in your hectic life experience with home and work demands can be an impossible task.

If you think the idea of traveling to Bali to do some focused work on your mind, body and soul with an elite team at your service could be the answer to relieve your suffering… we would agree with you.

Transforming that suffering to enhance the real you is what we do here at Istana Jiwa. Your coping mechanisms, bless them… have brought you to this moment. You probably realize that if you keep on as you are these coping strategies might lead to very serious negative consequences, whether professionally or personally.

Is your health suffering from stress and executive burnout, the constant demands you make of yourself professionally?

At Istana Jiwa VIP Luxury Rehabilitation Centre we understand your circumstances, you may not be able to leave behind all of your responsibilities. With an entire team focused exclusively one on one on your needs, we gently guide you towards the goals for your experience with us here in Bali. You can make time to catch up with work commitments as needed, as well as talk to family or your medical team at home.
The only thing you need to do is ask for help.

Our single client immersion allows our hand-picked team to concentrate all its efforts on your success for the best results and lifelong change. Your recovery is enhanced by the tranquility, comfort and harmony of VIP Rehabilitation in Bali with Istana Jiwa. The world’s best Luxury Rehabilitation Service.

Your time in Bali can lead to a profound and enduring change. If you need to create some balance, catch up on self-care, explore your foundational purpose and power, and rebuild healthy habits and energy levels. We urge you to contact us right now. Begin your journey to Emotional Wellness.

Contact us today for a confidential discussion.

The team at Istana Jiwa is standing by to help you.

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