Stress and Burnout

Ways to Notice the Signs of Burnout

What is Burnout?

Wondering what burnout is and if it is what is affecting you? Well, burnout can be caused by excessive or prolonged stress as a result of emotional, physical or mental exhaustion. It doesn’t discriminate and can affect everyone from all walks of life, careers and net worth’s. You may find that you feel the effects of burnout when you are unable to meet the unrelenting and constant demands from your job, business, family life, societal expectations or impeding pressures due to health concerns. It generally takes hold when an individual is overwhelmed, emotionally drained or experiencing a lack of accomplishment.

How to Spot Burnout in Yourself and Others?

Through a combination of factors you may go from being a highly successful and functioning professional, to experiencing overwhelming feelings of both mental and physical exhaustion. This may sometimes look like; a person suffering from insomnia, sharp/ negative reactions due to irritability, chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, feelings of anxiety and/or depression. It can also cause you to detach from relationships or projects around you, you start to isolate, negatively self-talking or start to feel a loss of enthusiam and passion that once came from enjoyment of your job.

Myths About Burnout?

1. You are a failure/ weak if you admit to burnout: this is one of the most common misconceptions in relation to burnout. Some of us are in high-stress, face-paced careers and as a result, the pressures to perform and achieve near-perfect results are unrelenting. It’s time like this that stress can take hold of our body and push us to limits beyond our control. We believe that by teaching you tools and techniques to cope with stress and manage your triggers, you can effectively also manage the lasting impacts that burnout can have on your mental and physical health. One of these ways is to prioritise you mental and physical wellbeing to ensure you are setting SMART goals and realistic expectations on yourself and/ or your team.

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2. A long-weekend away or family holiday will fix/cure burnout: this is a common misconception throughout management level employees as more often than not they are advised by their superiors that if they just “take a few days” or “go away for the weekend” that somehow the stress, feeling of failure and thus disconnect with simply go away as well. It’s hard sometimes when you approach a boss or mentor for advice on how to deal with burnout, and their response more often than not is that “they hear you… I’m feeling stressed too… my tank is empty… but just take the day off to recharge”. Unfortunately, you aren’t a Telsa and can’t simply plug into recharge and be on your way again.

Our approach is to take time to work on the underlining issues that are causing the feelings of burnout both emotionally and thus physically through a bespoke program designed for you. Whilst taking a ‘few weeks off’ can make you feel replenished, the work truly doesn’t leave you, so you need to work on the underlining causes for lasting results.

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3. Burnout requires you to quit your job or step down from your role/ business in order to change: many fear to ask for help to cope with the effects of burnout as they believe it will be a total career change or stepping away from the role they are currently doing. This is definitely not true! You just need to learn the boundaries you required, coping mechanisms and make slight tweaks to your current role to ensure both you and your work can successfully be streamlined to work with each other rather than against. For some that might mean learning that it is okay to delegate work to others, be it a junior or expert in a particular field. For others, it might mean learning how to say no and stop trying to stretch yourself too thin by pleasing everyone.

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How Can We Help?

If you are identifying with some of the previously mentioned factors, or know someone that is – we highly recommending seeking help. Burnout has the ability to creep up on your when you least expect it, you may even think you are doing everything necessary to prevent it from happening – and then it does anyway. We think that often it helps to talk to someone; if you would just like someone to talk to, we are available for a consultation with no obligations whatsoever.

Whilst you may not be physically able to gain distance from the problem in an extraordinary environment at the present time, a new perspective and ultimately a complete mental, spiritual and physical reset might just be the first step to healing.

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