Dr Jeremy Alford

Jeremy Alford PhD, Istana’s Clinical Director, is a clinical psychologist with 20 years of mental health experience working in multicultural settings in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Jeremy is based in Spain and travels extensively overseeing Istana’s clinical teams and operations. 

Jeremy studied in the UK and holds a BA, MPhil and PhD from University College London, Kensington and from the Open University. He is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, a member of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy, and the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis. 

Jeremy adopts a person-centered integrative cognitive behavioural therapy approach and incorporates mindfulness practices into his sessions. He is also a clinical hypnotherapist, neuro-feedback, biofeedback and heartmath therapist. 

He believes in customized highly personalised approaches to mental health care and treatments working closely with the integrated multi-disciplinary teams of Istana’s qualified healthcare professionals.

Having lived and worked in countries spanning Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia, Jeremy is multilingual and attuned to working with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and personal preferences.

Jeremy is a specialist in the treatment of mood disorders and co-morbid personality disorders, as well as various dependencies, substance addictions and interpersonal relationship and couples issues. He also has a vast range of experience working with individuals, couples and families, with different clinical presentations, from eating disorders and conditions such as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, phobias, traumas and ptsd.

In addition to his clinical expertise Jeremy is  the Founder and President of the non-profit organization The Middle East Eating Disorders Association www.meeda.me which is also a Partner Chapter of the Academy of Eating Disorders for the Middle East. Jeremy is also a Senior Trainer for the National Center Of Eating Disorders in the UK.

Jeremy offers recorded guided meditations that are useful for stress, anxiety, or sleep relief. Click on the app icon below. These will redirect you to his Insight Timers page:

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I arrived at Istana Barbados in a terrible condition, alcohol had brought me to my knees, I was on the brink of blowing my professional reputation and losing my family. The medical team nursed me through a long detox and the rest of the team put me on the path to recovery. Two of the team flew back to New York with me and stayed for 2 months to help me adjust to this new life. From beginning to end a life changing experience from the best team of people. Just fantastic. Thank you.
Julie, NY
Istana Jiwa is a place for profound and permanent transformation. I found the team to be working at the highest level in their fields. Many have also been on the dark side of addiction and come out the other side; they, if anyone, know the pathway to release. And that’s this brilliantly conceived, bespoke rehab concept which accommodates you in a 5 star private villa with every whim catered for, then drills down with proper therapy for lasting change. Coming through addiction is brutal but here there is shelter from the storm - a beautiful place to rest and get the space to heal, with 24/7 care and love. It’s expensive but what price sanity?
Patricia C, Hong Kong
I started with Istana Jiwa in pretty ordinary shape; marriage had collapsed and I was self medicating with anything I could find to suppress the deep sense of despair and depression. The program transformed me – physically and emotionally. I spent 60 days in the program working on finding myself and I left feeling genuine hope and a real fortitude to tackle life again.
L, Melbourne
I went to Istana Jiwa to reset my mind and change the way I was living. Stress had got the better of me, I was partying too hard and I was close to blowing up my career and losing my family. Amazingly I found some like minded souls in the Istana Jiwa team, people who had lived my life in the corporate arena, who understood me and helped me recalibrate my life. I now feel better than ever before, and I even gave up smoking there!
Simon, Hong Kong
For my sins I have been to a few treatment centres around the world, nothing comes close to Istana Jiwa. I went deeper and achieved more in therapy than I have ever gone before, I made peace with meditation and yoga - both things I have resisted in the past and both I now practise in daily life. I feel transformed, thank you.
David, London
I travelled from Los Angeles to Istana Jiwa on the recommendation of a friend and in my mind, it was a leap into the unknown. I was completely unprepared for how cosmopolitan, competent, professional and caring the staff were. From the moment I was met at the airport to the moment I left I felt cared for and understood. This was an utterly life-changing experience, I never thought I would say I loved going to rehabilitation but I actually did.
Maggie, LA